The cornerstone of any good estate is planning is documents. You need a will or trust, it is imperative. Medical directives and powers of attorney are essential too, if you wait to long, they are difficult to get, and impossible to enforce. As state of mind issues arise, your loved ones will be at a deep disadvantage.

Think of the most simple thing, like cashing a check, or withdrawing money from your bank to pay bills. Without a power of attorney, your loved ones will not be able to do this if you are unable to! You could fall behind on your house payments, or car payments, or have your utilities shut off.

So, do not wait, get that will, or power of attorney document in place today!

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Thanksgiving Special

Get a basic will for $500.00.

Without a will, the state will determine who gets your stuff, and that could have unwanted consequences. A will is one of the cornerstone estate planning tools, and my office makes it so easy to obtain, you will be amazed on how quick and efficient the whole process is. You will ask yourself why you waited so long for such an important document.

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There is $1.4 trillion in student loan debt in the United States. Once reserved for credit card debt, student loans are now the biggest non-secured debt in our country.
What is more is that getting a student loan still remains relatively easy, while paying it back becomes ever more difficult.

There are some ways to pay off or pay down those student loan debt. Call or email me for your options.
I formulated a detailed plan do reduce your student loan debt and get you out from under that burden, but you have to call or email me to get that plan in place. 
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Summer Estate Planning Package

For the month of July you can get all these basic documents for $1,000. (Payment Plans Available)

Basic Will
Basic Power of Attorney
Basic Medical Directive

Get the basics in place, and the piece of mind that comes with having your affairs in order, and then relax and enjoy your summer.

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Menu Of Services

Here is your Estate Planning Menu, hold the Mayo!!

A la Carte

Will - $500
Power of Attorney - $500
Medical Directive (Living Will) - $500

Full Meal

All three for $1,000.00

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Wills and Trusts


Bankruptcy and Estate Planning

The legal process of bankruptcy, though sometimes misunderstood, is a progressive and often merciful process. By it, a hopelessly indebted individual can make an official declaration of financial inability and be free of those obligations.

With new amendments in U.S. laws, well not so new anymore, twelve years old now, there is little or no social or corporate stigma attached to filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy, though a matter of public record, no longer means that it becomes a matter of public knowledge. Effectively, this is an incentive for the bankrupt party to make another attempt at financial solvency. An individual can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7(for irreversible insolvency) or Chapter 13(for temporary insolvency).

The benefits of filing for bankruptcy include rebuilding your credit. Meanwhile, the bankrupt person has assured freedom from harassment by previous creditors.

When Congress amended the US bankruptcy code(ratified in 1978) in 2005, that took e…