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Will - $500
Power of Attorney - $500
Medical Directive (Living Will) - $500

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Wills and Trusts


Bankruptcy and Estate Planning

The legal process of bankruptcy, though sometimes misunderstood, is a progressive and often merciful process. By it, a hopelessly indebted individual can make an official declaration of financial inability and be free of those obligations.

With new amendments in U.S. laws, well not so new anymore, twelve years old now, there is little or no social or corporate stigma attached to filing for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy, though a matter of public record, no longer means that it becomes a matter of public knowledge. Effectively, this is an incentive for the bankrupt party to make another attempt at financial solvency. An individual can file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7(for irreversible insolvency) or Chapter 13(for temporary insolvency).

The benefits of filing for bankruptcy include rebuilding your credit. Meanwhile, the bankrupt person has assured freedom from harassment by previous creditors.

When Congress amended the US bankruptcy code(ratified in 1978) in 2005, that took e…

Why You Need a Will

Look, our mortality is a touchy subject. No one likes to think about it, let alone talk about it. But what are the ramifications if you fail to plan for this? Your estate, that you worked so hard to acquire during your life could go to someone, or entity that you do not to have your estate assets upon your death, if you fail to plan. In addition, your loved ones will have to sort out the mess during time of great grief and sadness.

Your estate could be taken care of in a few easy steps, such as a Will or Trust, a durable power of attorney, a living will or health care directive, and simple asset transfers and beneficiary designations.

With estates less than 5 million in value, you more than likely can avoid costly estate taxes.

The process is painless, and gives you piece of mind.

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Student Loans Debt

As tax time is upon us, we should all consider shaping up our financial and estate picture. Providing a solid and comprehensive estate plan is essential. There is never a good time to think about ones own mortality, but there is no worse time than the very end, when it may be to late. Creating a solid plan now, before mind and body begin to let you down, or a tragic event unfolds, will give you the piece of mind that your loved ones are cared for and that they have direction when a stressful time sets in. 
The essentials of a sold estate plan are:
A Will
A Trust
A Durable Power of Attorney
A Living Will (Or Health Care Directive)
You should have them all, but having a basic will is a must! With the guidance of a compassionate attorney, you can have the piece of mind necessary to live your life to the fullest today, knowing that your wishes are spelled out and that your plans will be followed. 
I have complete packages available or you can pick "a la carte" as needed. 
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File Bankruptcy Before the Holiday's

I have been asked this question many times over the life of my career. Should I file right before the holidays.
If the thought of your phone ringing constantly during the holiday season with creditors calling every waking hour of the day, then this is a great time to get on the financial ball and get a bankruptcy filed.
You can start the new year out right, you can eliminate that financial burden lingering over you. Think of this as a new resolution, one that you cannot fail at; you can get a fresh start to a new financial future. There are three reasons to file before the holiday season
1. You Can Look at Your Budget Now.
The pre holiday season is actually a perfect time to create, and stick to a budget. With impending gifts to be bought and countless meals to plan for, not to mention office parties and social gatherings the bills can add up, and if you sit down now and budget before the holidays you can see what you have available to spend…